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Felting has been a popular craft for thousands of years and felt is a remarkably versatile and easy-to-use material. Now in an expanded second edition, this book teaches you how to make felt without the need for specialist tools. The book also has instructions for a wealth of things to make from felt and this new edition includes an even wider range of toys and gifts. The step-by-step directions and clear color photographs will guide you through each stage of the felt-making process. Even if you have never used a sewing needle before, the templates and ideas provided will have you making beautiful hats, brooches, and dolls in no time!


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Great Job, Dad! Great Job, Dad!
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Red Bullfinch Red Bullfinch
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Naturszenen Nadel gefilzt Naturszenen Nadel gefilzt
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Krippenfiguren Mappe Krippenfiguren Mappe
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Punch Needle Punch Needle
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